Balancing Family and Career

It is difficult for a working person to balance their time between their job and their family but it can be a real challenge for a lease purchase owner operator truck driver. Everyone wants to be there for those special moments such as the baby’s first word, birthday parties, or graduations. Unfortunately, it is not always going to work out for a trucker to be home every time they want to be.

There are ways to work around being away from home and those special moments. With the new technology available a driver will find it easier to stay in touch with their family. Cell phones make it possible to reach a cdl truck driver almost anytime or anywhere they happen to be. The new smart phones allow a driver and their families to stay in touch through email, text messaging, or picture messaging so that moments can be shared. Many allow streaming video as well so that there is no reason to miss a special moment even if the driver is unable to be there in person.

The modern age of trucking is also becoming more computerized so many companies dispatch and stay in touch with a driver via a laptop in the truck. It is part of the new wave of changes in trucking lease purchase jobs. By using a webcam with the laptop, a driver can view their family during breaks or down-time. Many laptops have a built in microphone so that calls can be made through the laptop. It’s not the same as being at home, but it helps to keep the connection and ease the feeling of being alone while out on the road.

Many companies are dispatching within a specific region now, so it is easier for a driver to make stops at home more frequent. A driver must understand though that just because they want to be at home at a specific time on a specific day, it doesn’t mean the shippers, receivers, loads, or any of a hundred other variables are going to make it happen. The companies will try to work with a driver if they need home time, but the driver has to understand the system. It doesn’t always work they way you want it to.

When choosing a trucking lease purchase job with a company, make sure you know their home policy and that you agree with it. Don’t make the mistake and think they are going to change it just for you whenever you want to go home. Trucking is a lifestyle and a lifestyle change. Once you understand it, you will be able to find creative ways to stay connected to your family and friends while earning a living as an over-the-road lease purchase owner operator.