Employment Relocation

Often families have to uproot and move to a new city or state in order for the bread-winner to accept a new employment position. This is not the case with the trucking industry. As long as a driver lives along or within a reasonable distance from a driving lane, they can be hired even though they may live hundreds of miles from the base terminal.

This is a true advantage for a family man with kids. He doesn’t have to uproot his family, move them to a new location and new schools. The kids don’t have to lose their friends and start over just because of a career change. There is no need for a change of address, change of identification cards or licenses, and no need to go looking for a new residence.

Over the road trucking doesn’t require the driver to live within a certain number of miles from the terminal, just within a driving lane. This works well for the company since it opens up the employment field and it works for the driver that doesn’t want to make major changes in his family.

If at some point, the family decides to make a change of residence, then it may still not affect his current employment or the driver can choose another company via telephone or fax to help facilitate the move. So whether you wish to relocate or stay in your current domicile, trucking fits in with the program.