How to Increase Your Income

As a driver, you will be limited on ways to increase your income within the same company. There are options, but you will have to work smart in order to see the fruits of your labor. Most trucking companies have a set base salary and that’s what you make. By working smart, there are ways to give that base salary a boost if you know how to work the system. If you are working as a lease purchase owner operator, you can increase your salary by knowing how to work more efficiently.

Make sure to begin with that you can pay your bills and manage on the base salary that the company offers you. Find out if they offer bonuses, what type of bonuses they may offer, and the feasibility of earning them. The average cdl driver is paid by the mile and usually gets it set in their mind that it is necessary for them to drive hard and make every mile possible. This is not always true.

If the company offers a fuel bonus for fuel economy, you’ll lose it by pushing the truck too hard and burning too much fuel. The number of additional miles you might make will not make up for the loss of the fuel bonus. Another bonus is for mileage performed within a given time period. Drive smart and legal to start off with. If the driving is constant, even if you do it at a slightly slower speed, you will complete a higher mileage with better fuel efficiency. These two together could get you a nice bonus added into your paycheck without having to do extra work.

As a lease purchase operator or an owner operator, you will see a substantial increase in your settlements each week just by reducing your speed and driving quality miles over quantity miles. The harder you push the truck, the more fuel it will consume, and the less you will make. If you slow down and increase your fuel economy by even a single mile per gallon, you can easily add $200 or more to your paycheck each week while not having to increase your mileage at all.

Develop your business plan, set your goals, and stick to them. Drive smart, drive safe, and be successful lease purchase owner operator and a valued member of the trucking community.